Cat Mood Swings Socks

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What’s the matter kitty cat?
Sometimes kittens can be a little bipolar, there’s no doubt about that, one minute they’re giving us love and showing their bellies for rubs and the next minute they’re scratching our hands until there’s blood everywhere (sorry for the drama), these cat socks show that weird side of our four legged pals to remind us we must be patient!
Look great in yellow and walk with confidence and glamour, MissMeowni’s cat mood swing socks will always be the center of attention. They are purrfect for a casual meeting with friends, for the office or to bright up your day at school and be the envy of the classroom.
Get yours now and be careful not to let your cat rip them apart when they decide to have a tantrum!

This includes:

  • Socks - 1 No.
  • Low Cut Ankle Sock
  • Very Comfortable and Stretchy
  • Size:One Size
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Material: Polyster
  • Size: 19cm*8cm
  • Quantity: 1 Pair 

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