T-Shirt-Meow or Never (white)

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Show off a little skin with this cropped T-Shirt that shows you are ready to take risks right meow. Sometimes the world needs help on making changes because it is never easy, but just like the shirt says... it is meow or never. We both know, never is not an option because if changes aren't made then life isn't the grand design we thought it was.  So embrace the changes and jump in, you can do it, and you can do it right meow.

This includes:

  • T-shirt - 1 No.
  • Size: Bust:80-95 cm;Length: 40 cm; Shoulder: 30 cm( regular size shirt which fits small, medium and large at most instances)

Customer Reviews

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Good Support

Love the product. But the one I received had a few stitches opened. Sent the pic to the support and voila they send in the return postage stamp and before they get back the product they ship the replacement. Loved it. Will buy again. Shirt is good too. Though I think I would have loved the black one more.

Awesome tshirt - me and my cat love it

Awesome tshirt - me and my cat love it. Soft and smart.

One size..

Love the design so much I got it in the black and the white version... Recieved the black today... For a one size shirt, it defenitly runs on XS size. I'm a small/medium in t-shirt and it feels really thigh

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