Summer Ankle Cut Socks- Pink/Gray/Green/Black/White

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Dress up those feet with MissMeowni’s beautiful ankle cat socks, a purrfect collection to bright up your days with the most beautiful colors and the cutest design on earth!

Put them on when you’re Netflix and chillin’ at home while taking a cup of coffee with your four legged buddy on your lap, or get ready to go out and be the envy of everyone.

Match these gorgeous socks with a casual outfit, put on some sneakers or flats, show the world your love for cats, go shopping or go for a walk, your feet will always be comfy, ready to keep the pace and take you anywhere!

This is a nice gift for your loved ones, get one for your bestie, another for your mom; get one pair for your sister and even one for your dad, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, a girl or an alien from outter space, we’re all cat lovers!

This includes:

  • 1 pair of Socks
  • Material:Cotton
  • Length:approx 16-18 cm

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