Meowy morning Ankle Socks - SunRise

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Rise and shine kitty cat, a new day is here and it’s time to be fab!
These cat socks are definitely the cutest thing MissMeowni has ever seen! We totally understand if you don’t want to put them on and you prefer to keep them safe on your drawer to worship and watch them at every moment, but be brave! You’ll be the center of attention if you wear them.
Cat ankle socks are the new black, don’t let anyone tell you there’s no way to wear them with some sandals, high heels or flats, show the world a kitten can make anything, and we mean ANYTHING look great!
It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside, they are the best choice if you’re going to the office or the club on a caturday night!


This includes:

Ankle Socks
Size:One Size
Material: Polyester
Size: 19cm-20 cms
Quantity: 1 Pair

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