Cat Paw, Mouse, Fish,Butterfly Switch Sticker

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Catch it kitty cat!
This gorgeous switch sticker is the bet way to remember what is like to live with a kitten. They are playful and silent as ninjas, one minute they’re here, the next minute they’re jumping over there trying to catch a fly or any other type of bug they find.
MissMeowni’s cat decal is the purrfect decoration for any room in your house, you can even put it in our office and show everyone else how to have real fun!
Get creative and make your own design, put them all together in one place or spread them all around. Our cat paw, mouse, fish, butterfly sticker can be a nice gift for your loved ones.
You don’t even need to stand up and walk, just click the BUY NOW button and continue with your cat nap!

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