Cat Hammock

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Ahh, nothing better than sleeping on a hammock all Sunday long, waking up just to get some food and to take a bathroom break. Lucky for cats, every day in their world is like a lazy Sunday afternoon and they can take one hundred naps on MissMeowni’s amazing cat hanging bed, exactly what your kitty deserves!

Give your four legged buddy only the best, this cat bed is comfy, beautiful and versatile, find the right spot and hang it, your kitty cat will have the sweetest dreams and you’ll get the best pictures of every pose without disturbing him or her.

It comes in a variety of colors, choose the one that best matches your home style and your cat’s purrsonality!


This includes:

  • Pet Cages Hammock - 1 No.
  • Cats Summer Ventilation Net Cloth
  • Material:Breathable mesh Cloth
  • Color:Green,Blue
  • Size:S,L
  • S Size:35X35cm/13.78x13.78 inch (Blue)
  • L Size:53x38cm/20.87x14.96 inch (Green)

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