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Cat Halloween

The word 'Halloween' comes from the Scottish contraction 'All Hallow's Eve', and to know its origin you have to go back to the Celtic tradition of the Samhain, with which people used to said goodbye to the harvest season and welcomed the long, dark winter of northern Europe.

The ancient Celts believed that on the night of October 31st to November 1st the line separating this world from the other was narrowed, allowing the souls of those who are no longer among the living to pass through. The good spirits were honored by their relatives; the bad ones, were frightened away. People dressed in masks and strange clothings to adopt the appearance of evil souls to avoid being harmed by them. People also offered those evil souls with sweets to keep them entertained (hence the trick-or-treat game). The Romans adopted this practice after the occupation of Celtic territory, and like so many other conventions, the Western culture introduced this festivity into its calendar and to this day, it has been a tradition celebrated year after year by children and adults.

Nowadays, Halloween is all about having fun with family and friends, and escaping from the daily routine, but there are many other ways this holiday benefits us psychologically, that is why MissMeowni recommends to celebrate it, not just to have a good reason to wear some of our pawsome Party Face Cat Masks, but also because it is good for our health!

Did you know that celebrating Halloween can help you live new experiences, feel different, relate more, develop your creativity, face your fears and celebrate life? These are just some of the positive effects of Halloween on our mind and emotions, this day is all about "dying of laughter" and saying to boredom: "There is no room for you today, over my dead body!"

Cat Halloween - Enough with the puns, let’s start having fun!

Get this party started with MissMeowni!

Deciding to have a home party to celebrate Halloween and inviting some friends is a great idea as it will make us feel important and responsible for preparing the most purrfect celebration so that every single one of our guests can have the best time of their lives; decorate every corner of your house, even the couch will want to wear a costume and our Cat Cushion Cover will do the trick!

Go out and let the spirit of Halloween fill your soul, living the atmosphere of the streets on dates like Halloween helps us to get out of the daily routine, learn about different ways of focusing on traditions and discover new places and people to enjoy, put on our Sweatshirt if it’s too cold outside and enjoy your ride!

If you are a crazy cat mom or dad, this is the purrfect time to bond with your children, decorate the house together as a family, put our pawesome Cat Sticker on your window to keep the nosy neighbors away.

Another great idea to share as a family during this holiday is to cook something together; the kitchen allows us to develop creativity and even more so if we have to create dishes that are related to a specific theme.  Halloween can be a time for family or friends where everyone can help prepare the dishes, we learn to work as a team, relax and disconnect from other problems, and it is also very beneficial for kids because they learn that mealtime can be a lot of fun. And last but not least, you can change the looks of your rooms and spaces to match them with the festive spirit and give your house a different atmosphere, and for this, don’t furrget to add an extra touch of fun and set the table with MissMeowni’s Dining Mats!

But if you’re a bit of a mess in the kitchen, you can always go out to a Halloween themed restaurant to keep the spirit and have a spooky dinner, you can go in disguise and put your creativity and imagination into play, put on your Cat Mask or if you are a little more shy get the Cat T-Shirt out of the closet and match it with our gorgeous Cat Headbands and Cat Hairpins, everyone will envy your style and there is no doubt you will shine like a pumpkin on fire!

Whatever you choose to do on Halloween, it is important that you get yourself out of the boring routine and do something different, even if you’re staying home, put on a pair of Cat Socks, get in bed with Mr. Whiskers and watch scary movies until you fall asleep!

24/7 at your service, even on Halloween!

Cats are the stars of Halloween and MissMeowni.com is the best option to get amazing Halloween items for yourself, your family and friends, make a cat lover happy with one of our many products or treat yourself with something cute, it will be hard to choose only one thing from our wide variety, but whatever you order, you will never regret it and we are sure you’ll have the best Halloween ever!

We are unconditional, we’re always here, from Monday to Sunday, for early birds and night owls, you don’t need to leave your house and your cats alone to go shopping, everything you need is right here just one click away! It doesn’t matter if Halloween seems to be far away, start getting your decorations and accessories before someone else gets them all!

Let us your bags and take them to your doorstep, all you have to do is scroll, enjoy, click and wait comfy!