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Cat Stockings

A little history from the corset to nylon stockings to set the right mood, gals!

Throughout the 20th century, the body of Western women gradually freed itself from the limits that society, through fashion, had imposed on it. In the 1900s, a "respectable and virtuous" woman had to live imprisoned among asphyxiating corsets with sticks that were tightened to the desired "waistband", uncomfortable crinolines, heavy skirts and tiny, "funny" shoes that were designed to make their feet look “more beautiful”.

As women became more involved in economic, social, and political life, the ties that fashion imposed on their bodies began to fade. The two world wars were decisive for that change. The war economy allowed many women to integrate into workplaces as workers, secretaries, telephone operators, nurses, teachers and other trades. The new female mobility put an end to the crinolines and the shoes that were not suitable for walking.

Women were freed from the corset, among other reasons because the metal (from the rods) was used in the war industry, and brassieres were invented. For the first time in many centuries, legs were shown (YOU GO, GIRLS!), skirts began to be pulled up but never above the knee, more relaxed dresses were worn and even very wide "women's trousers" were invented, which only the most daring women ventured to wear.

An essential item of women's intimate apparel was silk stockings. However, these had several drawbacks, they tore easily and as they did not have elastic, they slipped and ended up in the ankles. Therefore, they had to be supported with ribbons, garters or rolled up to the knee. In addition, during the Second World War, silk stockings became scarce because this material was used to make parachutes. This is how the fashion arose to paint a small stripe behind her legs to simulate the stitching of silk stockings. In those years, women also began to use the thread or rayon stockings, which gave the appearance of meshes, but they were not translucent.

But the real revolution in women's underwear began after World War II. In 1935, American chemists invented an "artificial silk" called nylon. This synthetic fabric was a huge success in the stocking market. Nylon stockings, unlike silk stockings, were elastic and held in place (pantyhose were later invented). In addition, they lasted months and months without breaking, so much so that, if they were discolored, they could be re-dyed with black tea. So many advantages of wearing Cat stockings have been discussed here.

Thank Cat for nylon and for MissMeowni!

At first, few women could afford nylon stockings because they were so expensive. It was common to have only one pair of socks that were washed every night to be reused the next morning, but everything has changed and now with less than 40 dollars you can afford some of the most beautiful stockings and pantyhose in the market, don’t clean your eyes, you read it right, MissMeowni has brought a fantastic collection of Cat Stockings and Pantyhose, because we know you want to put your spirit of feminist revolution a touch of feline power and strength!

Cat Stockings or Pantyhose are the new black! It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, there is no wrong weather or time of the day to wear a cute pair of MissMeowni’s cat inspired pantyhose stockings.

Those legs deserve the very best

Black stockings have always been one of the sexiest things to wear, they match purrfectly with anything and everything. Shorts, dresses and skirts are the best options to match with your sheer stockings, they will keep you warm whilst giving you the most amazing fashion style, for instance, our Kitty Heart Catstockings Pantyhose can be worn with high heels, sandals, or sneakers, for a caturday night party or just to stay comfy at home playing with your furry friend, they might even let you wear a pair of gorgeous over the knee socks at work and you can start the most adorable and fun trend around the office, why not? No one can resist a pair of cat socks, you might even get a promotion or a raise for being so awesome and chic.

The whole world is your catwalk, so get those legs ready to show your feline side and be the envy of all the crazy cat ladies around the globe with your fabulous Catstockings Tattoo Pantyhose. Don’t be shy, you’ll feel like a star when walking on the streets looking like a crazy cat diva.

We advise you not to wear your favorite pantyhose anywhere near your cat, they’ll love them so much they’ll want to hug them and might accidentally (yeah, right, accidentally) rip them with their sharp nails. In order to avoid the heartbreak of losing your cat tights, you might want to order a lot of them!

All of our Cat Tights are made with love and amazing fabrics to give you comfort, elegance and style. Choose your favorite from our wide variety of designs, or choose them all and create the most amazing outfits for every day of the week, day and night, during summer, winter, spring or fall.

Ready? Set, shop!

Our options are endless; in MissMeowni’s Cat Pantyhose category, you will find only the best of the best!

Shop for yourself or find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, we all know at least one crazy cat person, it might be your sister, your mom, your grandma or your bestie. But if you don’t know one then there is a big chance you are the crazy cat lady of your social circle.

Whatever the case may be, is the best option if there’s a birthday coming or if Christmas is right around the corner, make a cat lover happy with one of our many products or treat yourself with something cute, it will be hard to choose only one thing from our wide variety, but whatever you order, you will never regret it!