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Cat Stockings

Cat Stockings or Pantyhose are the new black! It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, there is no wrong weather or time of the day to wear a cute pair of MissMeowni’s cat inspired pantyhose stockings.

Black stockings have always been one of the sexiest things to wear, they match purrfectly with anything and everything. Shorts, dresses and skirts are the best options to match with your sheer stockings, they will keep you warm whilst giving you the most amazing fashion style.

Wear them with high heels, sandals, or sneakers, for a caturday night party or just to stay comfy at home playing with your furry friend, they might even let you wear a pair of gorgeous over the knee socks at work and you can start the most adorable and fun trend around the office, why not? No one can resist a pair of cat socks, you might even get a promotion or a raise for being so awesome and chic.

The whole world is your catwalk, so get those legs ready to show your feline side and be the envy of all the crazy cat ladies around the globe with your fashion tights. Don’t be shy, you’ll feel like a star when walking on the streets looking like a crazy cat diva.
We advise you not to wear your favorite pantyhose anywhere near your cat, they’ll love them so much they’ll want to hug them and might accidentally (yeah, right, accidentally) rip them with their sharp nails. In order to avoid the heartbreak of losing your cat tights, you might want to order a lot of them!

All of our Cat Tights are made with love and amazing fabrics to give you comfort, elegance and style. Choose your favorite from our wide variety of designs, or choose them all and create the most amazing outfits for every day of the week, day and night, during summer, winter, spring or fall.