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Meow Paw Heart Necklace

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Cute Cat Pearl Necklace

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Cat in my Heart Necklace

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My Cat Heart Necklace

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Cat Heart Necklace

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Cat Body Frame Necklace

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Snap Button Cat Necklace

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Cat Necklace & Cat Pendants

Necklaces have always been an important part of jewelry in all civilizations. The period in which this important piece is believed to have been born is estimated to be around the Stone Age, around 40,000 years ago. Back then people used to decorate necklaces with mollusks. Later, necklaces made of stones, bones, seashells and animal teeth became very popular. But the greatest achievements came after the discovery of gold, silver and a variety of metals that began to make eye-catching necklaces for both women and men.

Necklaces and other accessories and pieces of jewelry play a very important role in the world of fashion and are essential when it comes to creating a unique style. Thanks to them, we can customize and define our looks.  Believe it or not, accessories speak so much more about our personality than any garment we wear.

By adding the right accessories, you can change a casual look into elegant one and vice versa.  This shows that they have the ability to completely transform your attire.

It is very important that you take into account the power of an accessory as they usually cost less than a set of clothes.  Therefore, investing in them is one of the best solutions to make your closet look bigger and allow you to play much more with the clothes you have.

What your jewelry can say about you is even more than your clothes can express, and that is why it's important to have jewelry that represents you and the things you love in life.  Cat Necklaces are the vital base line when you start to spruce up an outfit: Are you going loud and flashy, or subtle and sweet?

You asked for more, and we've done it with Cat Necklaces!

More cat jewelry, more cat bling, more cat sparkles to bring a smile to your beautiful face.  At MissMeowni we are all about cats, cat lovers, and of course, fashion! We are always doing everything we can to bring joy to our customers, so when you let us know you want more cats... we deliver.  We have an always-growing collection of cat necklaces to make sure everyone can find the right addition for their own personal collection.

Whatever you want to do, we have the perfect piece for any cat lover to say, "Hey, this is me! I love cats and you're going to love me!"

Our necklaces range from classy, sweet, trendy, eccentric, and just fun; so we are sure there is something that will help you express yourself.  Have you seen MissMeowni’s Two Cats Over My Heart Necklace? This amazing chain is elegant and stylish. This can be a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one to represent your relationship with them.  For a mother and daughter to remember that close bond despite all their differences, or best friends that stick side by side no matter what comes their way. 

You can also get one of our all-time favorites, the Cat Body Frame Necklace to dress up or dress down almost all outfits and make them feel more like you. Its minimalistic design makes it the purrfect addition for almost any style, it goes amazing with casual jeans and tees but it is also a delicate and subtle complement for a fancy party dress.

We have one piece for every purrsonality, there is one special cat that everyone around the globe knows, and if someone doesn’t recognize the name, they probably have been living under a rock their whole lives! That is right, it’s Hello Kitty! One of the most popular kitties just arrived to MissMeowni and is here to stay, just take a peek at our Hello Kitty Crystal Necklace and tell us if you’re really able to resist it.

Which Cat Necklace should I get?

The shape of the face and the tone of the skin and hair are important things to look at when choosing a jewel. Check out these tips:

Light-skinned blondes: the best colors are silver, so choose silver or white gold jewelry. If you have stones, choose red, pink, purple and blue, and guess what? We have something GRReat for you gals, it’s the Cute Cat Pearl Necklace, a classic and feminine accessory that will add en extra touch of sweetness and beauty to your style.

Brunettes: a gilded necklace will do the trick furr you ladies, gold and copper jewels look amazing on your skin tone. For color details, look for earthy, orange, green, yellow, and coral tones; check MissMeowni’s Hanging Cat Necklace in gold, you will instantly fall in love!

Elongated faces: short necklaces with round stones to soften the shape, have you seen the Wild Cat Opal Necklace? Run and get yours before they go out of stock!

Round faces: long necklaces are the best choice for harmony, you ladies could get the fabulous Meow Paw Heart Necklace, this gorgeous piece will make you stand out from the crowd and get all the positive attention from classmates, coworkers, family, friends and even from total strangers.

Square faces: look for necklaces that are rather long, just below the collarbones, and you will look amazing with our Diamond Cat Necklace, you can find it in White+Silver or Purplish+Blue, this cutie looks great with casual and formal clothes, there is no wrong use for it!

Whatever necklace you do decide on, we know it'll help serve as a reminder for your favorite furry friend and that is the best part of our cat necklaces.

At MissMeowni we want everyone to be happy with who they are, we only want to help you enhance who you are, so that the rest of the world can see what we see.  A beautiful soul that is here to make our world a better place with a little meow.  So what are you waiting for? Let's go browse those necklaces and see what we can find to make your heart shine on the outside for today.

Make a crazy cat lady happy with the best gift of Cat Necklace

All gifts are important but jewelry is special because it is almost always linked to a romantic memory and other important moments in a woman's life, if you know someone who is a fan of jewelry and a cat lover and you want to surprise them with something gorgeous and meaningful then you have arrived to the right place, just look around MissMeowni’s store and you’ll find something they will love.

All of our Cat Necklace are made of the highest quality materials, and most important, they are made of love for cats and love for our client, make a cat lover happy with one of our many products or treat yourself with something cute, it will be hard to choose only one thing from our wide variety, but whatever you order, you will never regret it!