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Meet the hungry, hungry cat, Luna.

Luna the Hippo -MissMeowni.com

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Luna's owners did like any pet owner and followed the Vet's recommendation of feeding her three times a day for the first year.  

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Luna would anxiously await for her meal every 8 hours and life was good.
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After one year, Luna visited the vet for a regular check-up and the Dr. said it was time to cut back to only two meals per day...

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Luna was not a happy camper.

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Luna's owner said that as soon as the 8 hour mark hit that Luna would transform into a hippo and demand to be fed.

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Luna would then pester her owners by meowing loudly, nuzzling, pouncing, and tripping them up until they would cave in and feed her.

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Luna's owner lovingly posts that even though Luna turns into a hippo when she's hungry, she will always be the warm, 9 pound, beautiful furry creature that loves their family.

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So to Luna's parents...you are not alone.  While we laugh at your HippoCat, many of us can in fact, relate.  There are times when my own cats will give me a death stare when I attempt to swap their food with a different brand, or their bowl is empty before they want to be done. Cheers to embracing your HippoCat and letting her be a little extra cuddly! :)

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