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Cats with all their poised dignity and grace are beautiful creatures and it makes their failures even more grand.  Check out these hilarious cat fails I'm sharing with you.

 So thirsty...just need more water.

cat falling in bath -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
Well, that didn't go how he planned.

But it looks like I can eat it...

yummy cat fail -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
Frisky had to have help removing the prickles...it wasn't pretty.

Abandon mission, I repeat, abandon mission.

fat cat gets stuck -MissMeowni.com
Source (ba-bamail.com)
Not an empty box.

 There was a shiny in the bag, I swear I saw it.

silly cat stuck in bag -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
Just help me out of here.

I is stuck.

cat stuck in blinds -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
and kind of scare...Help mew?

Frank, get bigger blinds.

cat can't escape -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
My fur is just too fluffy to fit through it...it's just my fur that's the problem.

Honey, where did the cat go?

cat falls in couch -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
I don't know, but I hear some muffled meows.

It's a piranha!!!

fish catches cat -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
He's going to eat me alive!

Oooommmph...I'm going to get you you yellow fluff!

stupid cat hits itself -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
Next time, I will get you next time.

Janet, help me now. Put down the camera...don't you dare!

cat stuck in closet -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
How dare you.

Who let the dogs out!?!?

cat scared to let go -MissMeowni.com
Source (ba-bamail.com)
Let me in for Pete's sake! I don't know who Pete is, just open the door!!!

I will not choose one door, I will master them both.

cat about to do splits -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
Don't you dare bump them...I will kill you.

"That's exactly what Rose said to Jack on Titanic...I'll never trust you again Susan."

fraidy cat doesn't swim -MissMeowni.com
Source (ba-bamail.com)
"I'll never let go." 

I need to dust outside...

stupid cat won't fit -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
This is the twentieth attempt to help the human clean the dirt outside, I must give up on my efforts.

This seemed like a better idea when I was down there.

cat stuck on light -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
I really don't know what to do...I'll just sit still and wait for help.

Mom...the bird is going to eat me now.

bird catches fail cat -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)

Nailed it...

cat about to fall -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)

Just need to slip through here and...

cat stuck in window -MissMeowni.com
Source (holytaco.com)
Why am I not free?

I thought the box was empty.

cat with packing peanuts- MissMeowni.com
Source (ba-bamail.com)
Now I have all this crap on me.  Thanks, thanks for the picture.


cat stuck between -MissMeowni.com
Source (ba-bamail.com)
Oh, that meow means mom, come help.

Why would you buy the flimsy blinds human?

cat holding on -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
Get me down, now.


cat thinks it's small -MissMeowni.com
Source (yposts.com)
And one paw through!

And last but not least...

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