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Big, tiny, round, square – it’s raining purses – with cats on them! No, you haven’t reached cat heaven yet! But with our super exclusive range of cat-inspired purses, it sure feels like that.

Now we all know that for a cat momma, there is no such thing as too much kitty in your life AND your closet. And just when you thought you had everything possible with kitty motifs, we have got a brand-new range of cat purses, wallets, and bags – made especially for the super stylish cat mum.

So, without further ado, dive in to meet your next favorite bag –

  1. Cat Clutch Purse / Pencil cases


Let's start with the smallest cat inspired purses in our collection!

Looking at this selection of mini bags CUTE is the first word that comes to mind! These versatile cat purses can be used for a variety of things – as coin bags or spectacle cases or as a casual clutch for a quick trip to the supermarket. The fun designs and muted colors make it suitable for young kids, teenagers, and ladies of all ages. Carry it to school like a quirky pencil case or take It to work as a spectacle case. Totally cat-tastic!

  1. Cat totes


If you have to buy just one bag, then it has to be this one. This is the ultimate cat lover’s purse! Its shiny, its simple, and its got kitty ears – what else can you ask for?  

If you are someone who carries a ton of stuff around everywhere you go, then you need this extra-large tote! This cat inspired tote/purse is designed to carry a LOT of stuff! It has space for everything - from your sunglasses and phone to your laptop and a gym change. (Our tip: add some internal transparent plastic organizer pockets and changing bags will be super quick)

  1. Elegant Cat Purse

For the elegant cat momma, this is the puuuurfect statement piece! A stylish and simple cat purse – it doesn’t scream cat, but its subtle cat shaped handles are just the thing if you are moving around in a non-cat world. This classy shoulder bag says you love your kitty but keeps you out of the crazy cat lady category. Carry it for work, lunch dates or late-night parties -  this elegant little bag goes everywhere.

 What we listed above was just a tiny taste of what cat mums can get hold off these days to up their style quotient. If you like this selection, then you must check out our other fashion sections too!



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