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A sure shot way to get the attention of your cat is to either walk towards the cupboard where her food is stocked or make a snack for yourself. Wherever they are, they just seem to either pick up on the smell or figure it all out with their supersonic hearing. Even at times when you would think that they are sleeping, you can catch them staring at you. And who hasn't woken up accidentally at the crack of dawn to find their kitty lying next to them and staring at them as if to say “Now that you are awake, I am sure you can feed me.”

Which bring us to the fact that cats sure stare at us a lot. They seem to have mastered the ‘stare.’ MissMeowni’s range of cat face watches helps our kitties to carry on that stare even when they are not with us. Cats face watches make sure that we take them with us wherever we go.

Cat-inspired watches would have to top the list of ultimate cat lover’s merchandise! It is the final, definite declaration of your love for all things feline! So now that you have decided to buy a watch with a cat, what are the various cat stares that you would like on your watch face?

These watches could carry different cat expressions. While some watches could have a cute picture of a cat that wants something from you, another watch may have a cat with a look that says “You talking to me?” Some watches also carry famous cat illustrations and pictures from various movies and cartoons like the sad looking “I’m sorry” stare with the biggest eyes ever, like the one in the movie “Puss in Boots.” Then there is the defiant “Why should I do that” or “Are you going to make me” look. One of the most popular and my personal favorite is the playful “Let’s have some fun” stare, it is something I like to see on my watch every day.

We at MissMeowni know if given a choice every cat mama would carry their tabby’s special stare with them all day! Which is why we predict that these fantastic cat face imprinted watches are going to start a buying frenzy the minute they are discovered.

Do comment below and let us know which is your favorite amongst the stares that your cat gives you. 





  • Posted On November 04, 2018 by Maureen

    Nice site. I love CATS

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