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In an ideal world, we cat lovers would have our kitty wrapped around our ankles all day. A cat mama never gets tired of watching her cat and her antics.

No one can deny – dog lovers included – that kitties are super low maintenance. The usual stereotype of a snobby cat stems from the fact that felines are well able to take care of themselves and are undemanding companions.

You can sum up a kitty’s day in three words – Sleep, Play, Eat! They really don’t need more.

Because cats are fairly undemanding, it can sometimes get confusing to understand what they need. So, here we have a simple cat schedule that a working cat mum can follow blindly!


Set your watch to feed your cat first thing in the morning! A quick snack of canned cat will keep her occupied while you are running around getting ready for work. Make sure you give her some time outdoors and spend some quality time playing with her before you head out.

Leave the cat with plenty of fresh water and some food.


No need to have someone watch your cat during the day! They like to sleep – a lot. And are sure to spend a large part of midmorning napping in whatever corner of the house that suits them.


Cats like some activity and interaction during the day and If you are not home to watch your cat, then do make sure to leave around some cat toys or a cat gym. She will supervise her own playtime! You can also leave a secure window un-curtained – some cats like to watch what’s going on in the neighborhood.

If you can get some time working from home, then get used to seeing your kitty’s eyes fastened on you all the time – as we mentioned, cats like to watch!

Mid Afternoon

Catnapping continues!


Mama’s home! Time to spend some quality time with your furry friend. Get her some nice high-protein dinner and take part in some one-on-one play time. Your little kitty missed you as much as you missed her and she wants your full and undivided attention for some time.

Once the chores are done, its time to get into your PJs and cuddle up for some quiet TV time – cats watch TV too! And is there anything quite as homely and relaxing as watching tv and brushing your kitty’s tail! 


Time for the cat mama to crash. Now you can’t really regulate a feline naptime; they tend to be more nocturnal but do align themselves to their human’s schedule. So even though cats usually sleep close to 16 hours a day, be ready to be woken up by a frisky kitty once in a while.

Hope this little cat schedule helps you and your kitty get into a good rhythm at home. If you need help keeping track of all the timings we have a fantastic collection of cat watches in MissMeowni’s accessories section.  Do check it out -  we recommend the snazzy yellow number with a cute cat design on the watch face!




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