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Sometimes, we are born a little different and in my humble opinion; that's not a bad thing. The world needs more different, because different means a new experience.  Different is the hope of a better tomorrow, the more different we are...the more the world will change.

What're you looking at?  This grumpy cat like showing his serious face with those striking eyebrows and mustache!

cat with mustache -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

How about a cat who permanently shows off the silhouette of another cat?

cat has silhouette of another cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

But there a more cats that sport cat silhouettes, this one you need to look harder. Perhaps if this cat looked away it would help you spot it.

cat with a cat on it -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

Sometimes you have to spell it out for people, this little kitteh is prepared to do just that.

cat has word cat on it -MissMeowni.com

This little kitteh that has so much love, it was stamped right there on his underside.

cute cat heart kitty -MissMeowni.com

Source (ranker.com)

This next kitty cat looks like it's dressed up wearing dark ears.

 cat wears perma cat ears -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

This poor unfortunate cat even seems to have a dark soul and has striking resemblances of a terrible person from the past.  

Hitler cat is angry -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

What's it like to always have a monkey on your back? Just ask this cool cat.

cat with monkey on it's back -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

This two-faced cat isn't like the two-faced people you know, she's got class and is super sweet.

two faced cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

Sometimes you need to borrow things from other people, and when it looks better on you...you have to keep it.

cat borrows tail -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

This sweet face kitteh is one that everyone must love, it's stamped on it.

kitteh with heart nose -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

This guy is awesome and has the coloring of a tiger.

cat house is tiger -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredpanda.com)

"You simply shouldn't stare at others, it's not polite."  This fancy cat has some sass.

fancy cat has sass -MissMeowni.com

Source (boredomtherapy.com)

Rock your inner you today and let the world see how beautiful you are. :)

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