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This is Uli Sharbinie, he does everything he can for cats, or as he calls them "angels"...Including building his own shelter for a village that desperately needed one.

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Uli is a passionate and caring human being that has found his drive in life and he has worked hard, including working three jobs, to be able to help these sweet creatures.

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Uli is a married, father of five that could use some help...

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Thankfully, he found some friends that loved his passion and they've helped step up and give him some financial support.

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This is a message from Uli:

"I deeply thank all my friends and family for supporting me in my mission to build a shelter for stray cats and kittens.  This home had been helping them so much.

Unfortunately, after alot of hard work on this shelter I will need to relocate my shelter to a safer place.  I am planning on buying a beautiful piece of land for them to eat, play,  grow & most of all be safe.

This new place will be a much safer place for the cats and kittens to live happily.  I will be able to save more stray cats, give them food and take good care of those that need medical care.  Thus, I ugently need your help so that these strays can be saved.  I know at this time it is hard to make a donation, but I can not do it be myself.

Thank you so much for all the stary cats and kittens in my care.

Uli Sharbinie"


If you have it in your heart, this beautiful soul could use your help to support his angels.  

this man is incredible -MissMeowni.com

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May we all have the strength to follow our passions like Uli.

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