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If you love cats, you would like to know about them a bit more. Being a cat lover, you should update your knowledge bank with some amazing facts about cats. For instance, did you know that cats have more bones than humans do or that they have an extra organ to taste scents? Go through this cat trivia and share some fun facts with your friends about these witty creatures.

  • Cats are the ONLY mammals that do not have taste receptors for sweetness.

  • Cats are nearsighted creatures, but their night vision and peripheral vision are a way better than that of human beings.

  • Cats are believed to have 18 toes (four toes on each back paw; five toes on each front paw).

  • Cats can jump up to six times of their length.

  • Cats have 230 bones.

  • Cats have an extra organ that helps to taste scents present in the air, this is why your little feline pet stares at you with her mouth open.

  • Some cats are ambidextrous, but 40 percent are either right or left pawed.

  • Some species of cats can even swim.

  • Cats have an amazing vocabulary with their owner as each cat has a different set of behaviors, purrs, and vocalizations.

  • Cats have more than 100 different vocalizations, while dogs have only 10!

  • Cats find it frightening when you make a direct eye contact with them.

  • Whiskers are the best indicators of a cat’s mood. When a cat is in hunting mood, she puts her whiskers forward. When she is scared, she puts her whiskers backward, flattened against her cheeks.

  • Cats often foray your ankles when they are extremely bored.

  • Cats go crazy for food items, including potato chips, olives, tuna, and hops in beer.

  • Another fascinating cat trivia is that some of them love the sharp smell of chlorine.

  • A cat’s learning style is similar to that of a 2-to-3-year-old child.

  • Cats purr vibrates at a frequency of 25 to 150 hertz, which is the same frequency at which bones and muscles repair themselves.

  • A cluster of kittens is known as “kindle”.

Knowing some of these amazing facts about cats would let you wonder and find more reasons to love them thereby strengthening your bonds with the pet creature. 


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    Thank you for your cat fact posts!

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