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Finding famous animals on social media seems to be getting easier and easier. Some of them are seen doing something unusual, and others surprise with their appearance, as is the case of the new sensation on Twitte, called "Buff cat", a peculiar feline that surprises by its large size.

Source: Twitter

People are calling this cat "Catzenegger"!

This feline lives in Canada, more specifically in Montreal, where a curious person discovered him and did not hesitate to take a picture of him. The images captured by this cat lover quicky became an inspiration for popular memes and many others shared the photos of the robust cat, so the author of the original photo decided to open a Twitter account for the feline.

You can find Catzenegger here!

So far we do not know the causes of his size and shape, or why he has so much body mass, however, his fame is growing faster and faster.

Source: Twitter

The kitty's account was created on May 28th, and in just seven days he gained more than 22,000 followers on Twitter and already has over 200 publications.

Source: Twitter

As for his appearance, which led to the nickname Catzenegger, after the robust actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is believed that the cat may have some health problem that led him to have that weight, however, others consider that it is a genetic problem that causes some cats to develop twice as much muscle mass.

Source: Twitter

Since he went viral, many Internet users have created different images to caricature the situation of the muscular cat, however, the person who photographed the animal published a couple of days ago that since the time of the encounter with the animal, he has not seen him again, so he hopes Buff Cat is okay.

Source: Twitter

Will Buff Cat ever show up again? We will certainly be waiting for him to appear again! If you spot him, please alert the whole cat lover community and take as many pictures as you can!




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