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I used to not think of myself as a 'cat' person; we didn't have cats in my house when I was growing up and I never really had the desire to get one when I moved out.  That all changed when my mother-in-law showed up with this little doll.

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I didn't think much of it, I was like, "Yes, she's cute. Yes, I'll take care of her while you go out of town."  Little did I know, she was about to steal my heart.  The cat was named Pinky, but my son who was three at the time started calling her Tyler because he wanted her to be a little brother.

Tyler liked to snuggle, not with everyone, but especially with me.  I think she knew she needed to try a little harder with me, because I didn't want pets.

cute snuggle kitten -MissMeowni.com

We kept Tyler for one week, while my mother-in-law was out of town...but when she came back to get her.  I felt sad and just couldn't let go.  I packed up her belongings and gave them to my mother-in-law who took them to her car. She came in to get Pinky and I reluctantly handed her over.  My mother-in-law said you seem to be attached and I admittedly agreed, even though it shocked me to say it out loud.  My mother-in-law was about to leave with Pinky when she said, let's just see what she wants.  She sat her down and Tyler ran to me, I picked her up and said, "I hate to take your kitten, but I'm pretty sure, she's mine now."

My mother-in-law agreed and was happy that Tyler now had a new home and we had a loving new member of our family.  Two year pass and I love my Tyler more than any other pet I've ever had.  She loves to keep me company, snuggle, and just wants to be held like a baby, which I gladly oblige.  My son, angry to have learned that Tyler is in fact a girl, insists we needed a male cat.  I kept putting it off, thinking we would never get so lucky as to find another pet that would be so sweet, when a friend of mine told me she had kittens and they needed homes.

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I was in awe, six perfect, sweet cuddly kittens...I wanted them all!!! My friend was having trouble finding them homes, so I didn't want to be picky. I told her, I'll go with you and let's find some homes.  I fell in love with all of the ones I held and thought I love the little black one, it found a home, I got sad.  I love the two little shy grey striped ones, they found homes.We went through all of them, but there was one cat that liked to use his claws to hang on if you picked him up.  Everyone that picked up this kitten, got scratched and immediately put him down.

We sat with the last few kittens, when I remembered...I can take one.  When it was down to him and one left, I looked at my friend and said, "Which ever one they don't take home, I'll take...and I think I know who it's going to be," I said as I hugged the scratchy kitten.  I was right and we brought home, Woodstock.

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Woodstock didn't snuggle very often, and the older he got...the less he wanted to snuggle.  This made me a little sad at first, I loved how Tyler always wanted me to hold her and baby her...but this guy likes to run crazy and jump and play.  Often I would hear myself yelling at not only my son to "Settle down!" it was also frequently directed to Woodstock.

But Woodstock and Tyler hit it off! She was very nurturing to him and kept him settled and I feel like she tried to keep him out of trouble, but he was just rambunctious.  He was also great for her, it was like I was seeing a side to Tyler I never had.  She was fun and playful, pouncing with him and then snuggling only moments later.  I like to think that Tyler and Woodstock fell in love.  I would often find them snuggled like this.

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That should've been my first indicator to get Woodstock fixed, but as a first time male cat owner I was worried.  Would he hate me?  Was it too soon?  So, I waited...and as boy and girl cats do...they pro-created...  Next thing I know, Tyler's getting a little fatter, a little more clingy.  And as I rub her belly, I felt movement.  I could feel her tiny, precious kittens growing inside her.

I thought, 'Oh no, Tyler...Why did you have to do this? I can't have any more cats, and I don't want to have to find homes for kittens.'  It was obviously not their fault, I was the owner and should have taken the proper precautions, but I knew how I felt about kittens and I want to keep them all.  Tyler helped work me through this anxiety by being even more loving and I remembered she needed me too.  I took extra care to take care of my pregnant cat and when time was getting close I made sure she had several, safe comfortable hiding spots to deliver her kittens (the internet had said cats like to hide away from people to do so, and all I could do was make sure it was safe.) 

The morning Tyler went into labor, she kept following me around, more so than usual.  She didn't eat when I put the food out.  Even time I sat down, she immediately climbed into my lap.  I didn't really realize what was happening until she jumped in my lap panting and low, grumbly painful meows.  Then it dawned on me, it was time.  I felt panic, I couldn't take my cat to the vet to just deliver kittens...they would think I was crazy.

So here I am sitting on my couch with a cat in labor.  I take her to the closet where I had made a nice delivery room for her complete with old baby blankets, water, and pillows.  I sat her in her area and left.  Thinking she would want privacy as the internet suggested. Only moments later, Tyler comes back to me in the living room jumping in my lap.  She is still panting, and I'm still worried. I take her to a more secluded area in the garage with a box and a towel in it thinking maybe my closet was just too foreign for her.

I place her in the box and again, give her privacy.  This time Tyler comes to me again, but this time when she jumps in my lap...I notice she's delivering whether she wanted to or not.  I yell for my husband to bring me towels and I get Tyler comfortable between my legs as I start to pet and calm her.

cat in labor -MissMeowni.com

I talk Tyler through it, and I am over joyed that in her time of need my cat knows she can count on me. I rubbed her belly through her contractions and it kept her calm.  I let her cry as she pushed her kittens out and cried with her.

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The first kitten was out and looked just like Woodstock. Tyler cleaned him off before she sat down to push out two more sweet little kittens.  After the second one, she was really tired and Woodstock even came to help her out.

Daddy cat help deliver kittens -MissMeowni.com

Tyler had three kittens, and our family had a wonderful experience.  As she sat in my lap recovering with her three little babies my heart melted.  I had always felt like Tyler and Woodstock were part of our family, but when this happened, I knew we were just as much a part of theirs.

recovering mom cat -MissMeowni.com

This is a day I will always hold dear because to me it was living proof of how much cats can love.  Tyler had loved me since she was a kitten and I her, and that love continued to grow.  Woodstock also showed his love by coming to Tyler in her time of need and helping her clean the kittens because she was too tired.  My cats are amazing, and for someone who never considered herself a 'cat person', I find myself to very much be a cat person for the furry members of our family.

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