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The singer has not been able to resist releasing her new accessories inspired by her beloved pet, Olivia.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

This is also the case with the popularity of Taylor Swift and her pets. The success is not only limited to the American singer, but it is also something that has affected her cats. The artist has on several occasions declared her love for both creatures by uploading images of Dr. Meredith Grey Swift and Olivia Benson Swift to the social networks. Her latest photograph was shared while she was on the Reputation Tour 2018, a photo at Instagram showing a self-portrait with her cat Olivia showing who really inspired her new cat jewelry.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

"Olivia has just realized that I'm wearing cat earrings with her face on them" wrote the singer as a caption showing the accessory with the effigy of her cat. The earrings belong to Meredith & Olivia Swift, a section within the Taylor Swift online store, which is part of the line of products inspired by her cats, which the artist included last month on the website.

Source: taylorswift.com

In the section of the singer's shop dedicated to products with the image of the Scottish Fold cats, we can find pens, pins, cat stickers, cat t-shirts and, of course, cat earrings. A phenomenon that, in addition to being forged in social networks, has even had its moment of glory on the big screen as one of the t-shirts with the singer's cats appeared in Deadpool 2. In one of the scenes, actor Ryan Reynolds appeared wearing a T-shirt with a photo of both cats with the text "Olivia & Meredith best friends Purrrrrrrr-Ever".

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