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A trend that has become a reality in Moscow and has spread through social networks has generated all kinds of reactions among Internet users and especially cat lovers. We are talking about the controversial process of tattooing sphynx cats, which are characterized for having their skin exposed since they have no fur.

Veterinarians have said that this trend that emerged in Europe several years ago has begun to be replicated in several parts of the world and that in some cases, depending on the severity of the problem, it could lead to harsh penalties for owners.


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Experts point out that this type of procedure violates the autonomy of the animals since they do not need them, in addition to the risk of affecting the health of these felines, since they are applying chemical substances that in many cases affect the skin of the sphynx cat.


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These cats that do not have fur have too delicate skin and one of the most common appointments is for dermatological problems, because they are very sensitive, in that sense tattoos generate allergies or inflammatory processes, which can end up in much more severe complications.

As this is a practice that does not have a positive end for the animal, if not for the simple taste of the owner, it can be considered as animal abuse.

Some recommendations to the owners of these types of cats are to take good care of them and provide them with foods rich in fatty acids, as they keep their skins lubricated and provide them with the nutrients they require, in addition to applying products such as sunscreen, to prevent them from developing any type of skin infection.

Stop animal cruelty!

In the face of these procedures, animal rights advocates in several countries around the world are calling for tougher sanctions against those who engage in inhumane treatment of pets.

Let’s not forget that animals also feel pain, that they are capable of loving us like no other hoomin will ever do and that they don’t have a voice to give their opinions, so we must take care of them and fight against animal cruelty!





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