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For cats it's bred in their DNA and nurtured in young kittens whether or not they enjoy a bath. Cats like the Turkish Van breed are usually adept swimmers and enjoy water very much.

Turkish Van Cat -MissMeowni.comcat loves to swim -MissMeowni.com

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For kittens it starts with having a nice positive relaxation experience.  If you traumatize your cat early on, they will develop a fear of water and make it harder for future baths.

This waters stuff isn't so bad, eh?

kitten loves bath -MissMeowni.com

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Just wash it off...mmmmmkkkkk?

cute kitty in bath -MissMeowni.com

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I think I wants out.

So, are there fish in here?

cat enjoys bath

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Here are some tips for Conquering Bathtime, making that first bath positive for your kitten.

I'm not sure how I feel right now, but I don't think I want to claw your eyes out.

cat snuggles in towel -MissMeowni.com

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Some cats may never enjoy a bath.


cat wants out of bath -MissMeowni.com

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She said 5 min, this is a lifetime...Save Me.

cat cries in bath -MissMeowni.com

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Nope, not gonna let the water get me again.

cat scared of water -MissMeowni.com

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I hate you...literally hate you.

cute angry wet cat -MissMeowni.com

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Why you do dis???

ugly wet cat -MissMeowni.com

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And the ones that scream no more baths at you may be right.

The water stopped...we're done right?

no more cat bath -MissMeowni.com

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According to most professionals, cats don't need baths unless they have a skin condition or have gotten into a mess that they need help cleaning out of their fur.

You have won this round hooman, but never again.

cute mad cat -MissMeowni.com

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I will suffocate you in your sleep for this.

cat says no to bath -MissMeowni.com

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So next time your furry friend needs help cleaning, make sure you're prepared to take on the task because some cats just hate water.

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  • Posted On June 24, 2017 by GVD

    When I met my soon to be companion 18 years ago, he was playing in a water sprinkler with a German Shepard. He was only 3 months old at the time. He has joined me in the bath and shower ever since. He passed away last August, but not before joining me for one last shower..

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