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I LOVE my cats -  all three of them! My beautiful felines have filled my life with so much joy, love, and companionship, that naturally, I want to show my crazy cat love for them to the whole wide world.

I obviously have a huge variety of cat stuff at home! No, I am not a crazy cat lady - at least not just yet. However, over the years I have managed to collect cat motifs of all shapes and sizes. Cats have also invaded my wardrobe – with a vengeance! My current favorite – cat scarves!

Scarves with cat designs are not as common as you might think; after all, only real cat lovers would buy them – making the cat scarf market a small one.

Here are some of my favorite ones –

1.Elegant scarf with gold cat motifs- 

This simple grey scarf with tiny gold cats is absolutely puurrfect for an evening out. You can easily team it up with a wide variety of colors and dress types. I have tried it out on three occasions – a work lunch, a blind-date coffee (that tanked, in case you are wondering) and a dentist’s appointment (I always wear my comfort clothes to the doctor’s) – and my cat scarf (and I) looked great every single time! By the way, do check out the navy blue variant of this cat scarf – Its lovely too!

2.Casual Cat Scarves that go with everything - 

With cute kitties scattered all over – this scarf shouts your cat lover status! A must-have in any cat momma’s wardrobe, you can easily pair it with lots of everyday work or leisure clothes. And best of all, it’s available in 7 different colors - including pink - so you can be sure to find one in your favorite color. I repeat - you get it in pink too – just in case you didn’t catch the first time around.

As you might have guessed, I have the cat scarf in pink, and I use it so much that it is in danger of disintegrating soon. And yes, before you ask, the new pink one is on its way!

 3. Super cute Cats in Red Bowtie Scarf -

A cute and sassy number, this cat scarf with its red bow tie accent is a sure-fire conversation starter. If there is one thing I have learnt about cat lovers it's this, we all like attention. We like to stand out, but in a fun and stylish way – just like our kitties.  So, if you too want to add a touch of coolness to your cat lover status, then this needs to be in your closet.


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