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Tumblr user, Obvious Planet, went to a shelter in L.A., Sante D'Or, and there he felt the need to help the adorable cats get adopted quicker...so he devised a brilliant plan to appeal to human's quirky humor.  Check out what he did next...

Meet Camille, lover of side scratches who wants a mature owner.

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Next we have Sylvia who enjoys quiet environments, which helps explain her disdain for Jazz musicians.

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Oh Guinevere, she likes marking her hoomans, unless you play Mario Kart...then you better choose wisely.

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Grace, she enjoys studying her toys and will join you in intelligent conversations and is quite opinionated.

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Choccy, loves to explore, but doesn't want to listen to bad music...so keep it classy.

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Mishka won't even dress up for a treat, don't do it...it's just wrong.

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Meet Lola, an experienced time traveler that knows where she doesn't want to be.

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If you already have a cat, get Sabrina, she loves other cats, and fashion.

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Poor Delores, one day she will get freed...have faith and don't lose hope.

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Woah Honey, take it easy on the catnip, they're not really sky wizards.

save all the cats -MissMeowni.com

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Need a good chat, look no further. Leche has many discussion topics and is looking forward to his next conversation.

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Beautiful Zeta just needs a belly rub and a good priest.

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Seriously, he's not a baby.  Dinky just likes to sleep, eat, and well...he is similar to a baby, but don't talk to him that way.

cats are people -MissMeowni.com

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Gus is really quite clever, and he loves to cuddle...who would want more?

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Kudos Obvious Planet! This is such a brilliant idea, we hope other shelter's take notice and get motivated to be creative and help all pets find a good home.  Most of the time people go to a shelter and they don't know what they're looking for; the cleverness of these tags will hit home with someone and they'll feel they've found the perfect pet.

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