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A programmer finds a frog and picks it up. To his astonishment, the frog speaks.
- "Kiss me and I'll turn into a princess."
The programmer puts it in his pocket and moves on. The ignored frog speaks again.
- "Kiss me and I'll turn into a princess. I'll even kiss you and let you hold my hand for a day."
Once again ignored, the frog ups the stakes.
- "Alright, turn me into a princess and I'll be your girlfriend for a week. You can even show me to your friends."
No response.
- "Seriously, guy, I'm hot. I'll have sex with you, I'll tell all your friends we did it and you were awesome, you can use me as a trophy to brag."
This prompted a response out of the programmer:
"Look, I'm a programmer, I don't have time for a girlfriend. But a talking frog, that's kinda cool."
~Source (allaboutfrogs.org)
frog cat frog -MissMeowni.com
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No the answer isn't frogs, but cats...this is a cat page, in case you haven't noticed.
kitten on laptop -MissMeowni.com
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Cats have the greatest compromise between being human-like and low maintenance, for this reason they can be the ideal pet for many people.
programmer cat helping -MissMeowni.com
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People like programmers...

Cats feel like companions when they need to feel like companions, and they take care of themselves most of the time. They don't make noise and are perfect meditation buddies; when you're coding and they're silently looking at your key presses a couple inches over there's a zen relaxation moment that provides a mini break.
Sometimes a problem just needs to be talked through with yourself to come up with a solution because silent thinking doesn't help, and they're perfect listeners.

They're extremely clean, you only need to clean up after them and replace their sustenance once per day. They'll come comfort you when you're sad (seriously) and they'll play when you want to play (mostly). They won't bother you when you don't want to be bothered. They'll even get you rid of most production-choking pests like mosquitoes and flies.
The cat-programmer relationship is symbiotic and it's beautiful.
change the world cat -MissMeowni.com
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cute kitty programmer -MissMeowni.com
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