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This famous movie scene once had many of us questioning...can that really happen?

Well, yes it can! It's really not that hard to toilet train your cat.  Our cats are inherently smart and territorial.  They are easily litter box trained because it's a designated area, and allows them to hide their business.  The toilet is exactly that as well.  Cats don't like the smell and some cats naturally prefer to eliminate in water for that reason.

There are many products on the market in a variety of price ranges, but you can get a full kit for about $50...that's not bad at all.

The system I'm going over it the Litter Kwitter system.  It's basically a 3 stage system, starting with red.

Red Stage

train cat for toilet -MissMeowni.com

Source (YouTube.com)

This is like introducing a new litter box.  Your cat will learn where it is and start to learn all about it.

Amber Stage

cat learning toilet -MissMeowni.com

Source (litterkwitterlee.blogspot.com)

This introduces a small hole into the system so that your cat may experience eliminating into water for the first time while practicing balance for later stages.

Green Stage

cat using toilet -MissMeowni.com

Source (YouTube.com)

This is the last stage where the hole is even larger and you stop using litter completely!  Your cat will get even better with balance and will start to consistently use the toilet.  After this stage is mastered, you'll remove the Litter Kwitter system entirely and get to impress all your friends with your toilet trained cat.

Shop Litter Kwitter here.

Check out some videos of people successfully toilet training their cats in case you need some more reassurance. :)



These are just a few, but there are tons of stories and many different products...but the simple solution here to that stinky litter box seems obvious to me...Teach your feline friend the are of the toilet. :)

cat is potty trained -MissMeowni.com

Source (wayfair.com)

Good Luck ;)

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