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Crazy cat ladies, gentlemen and cat lovers of the world, meet Valkyrie, the cat with the human face.

Source: metro.co.uk

The owner and caretaker, Tatiana Rastorgueyeva, posted videos and photos of the kitten on Instragram and the users noticed her particular characteristics.

This is Valkyrie, a two-month-old cat, which has become popular in recent days in the for having a "human face".

Source: boredpanda.com

Owner and caretaker Tatiana Rastorgueyeva posted videos and photos of the kitten on Instragram and other users quickly highlighted her unique facial features.

Source: boredpanda.com

Valkyrie is of the Maine Coon breed, which is characterized by its distinctive features. According to social network users, she has a "human face".

The owner of the kitteh claims to have often heard that her cats look like werewolves.

Exactly what makes her face look like a human face is not clear. It could be because of the depth of her gaze, the morphology of the bones of her face or her serious expression…

…but we do know that she is absolutely adorable!

Source: bizarbin.com

It is inevitable to remember Bob, the human-faced dog who, at the time, disturbed many…

…and made others fall in love with his cuteness. I mean, just look at that furry face!

Source: Reddit

No matter what our best four-legged friends look like, regardless of their physical features, they always give us the purest, sincerest love.


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