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If you have a cat, that is typically how that conversation works out, but why?  Why are cats obsessed with climbing up on keyboards and ruining all our work? Are they just trying to be a--holes? I mean look at these guys.

cat doesn't care about work -MissMeowni.com

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I mean there seems to be a smugness about this behavior, right?

cat wants attention -MissMeowni.com

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This guy is like, work....nah.

I haz de sleepzy -MissMeowni.com

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Cats on keyboards is such a problem that we actually have inventions to help deal with it...

kitty keyboard kover -MissMeowni.com

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So we've look to specialist and have asked, why do they do this? 

Marilyn Krieger a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant explains that, "Many cats sit on spots such as keyboards and laptops because they are near their favorite person and can be at the center of their attention.  Usually people reinforce the behavior by petting the cat and/or talking with him. Cats quickly learn that when they sit on the keyboard they get what they want---attention."

And now when you look at the kittehs on keyboards, you understand...

sweet kitteh wants lovins -MissMeowni.com

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I mean just look at that sweet face...

look at dah face -MissMeowni.com

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These cats obviously want some loving attention and that's why they're coming to the center of what has your attention.

just some belly rubz -MissMeowni.com

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So your instinct is just to give them that love they came for, right meow.

petz me pleaze -MissMeowni.com

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But don't do it, this is where we mess up!

don't pet de kitteh -MissMeowni.com

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Don't give up hope; things can change and life gets better with this tip from Krieger. She explains that you can break the cat's habit by making sure there is a close by spot where you can reward him with affection and attention while the cat is comfortable; but at the same time, discourage him from sitting on the keyboard by making it uncomfortable and difficult to access.

cat just wants snugglez

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When peace is finally reached, it's a beautiful thing.

cat can be loved and you work -MissMeowni.com

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