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We've all had that moment when we wonder...does Fluffy even like me?  

You reach up to pet her and she runs away, denying you of cuddles and making you support the reason that cats may not love us as much as we love them.  I've recently came across an interesting article in the Mic Daily that provides us with some evidence into the fact that cats don't love us in the traditional ways we try to think.

For starters, your cat may be happy to be a part of your family for handouts.  

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Cats don't think of you as dogs think of their owners.  For a dog, you're their provider; without you they'll starve...for cats, it's like getting fast food.  They don't need you, but it's easier and they appreciate it.

Another reason cats don't love us is because they feel superior.

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According to the article, it's possible that cats defecate on the carpet and watch you clean it up, essentially proving that they tell you what to do.

The next evidence supporting cats cold demeanor is that cats can be indifferent to their owners.

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It's no surprise that when comparing cats and dogs you will see the difference when their owner arrives home.  Usually the dog pounces and is overjoyed, while the cat...where is the cat?  Our cats have lives of their own, don't expect them to wait around and be overjoyed that you're out living yours...they simply don't care.  Unless you forgot to feed them before you leave, then you can bet they'll be ready to give you a piece of their mind.

The article also shares that your cat may sometimes to pretend to show you affection, so that you will do more for them in return.

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Many of the things we think may be our cat showing us affection such as purring and rubbing against us may actually be ploys to get us to do more things for them and marking their territory so other cats know, you already serve another cat.

Some cats hate us so much, they don't even allow you to pet them.

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The article also says that for some cats, allowing us to pet them stresses them out. 

In conclusion, the article's last staple of proof is that what we've always deemed as gifts from our fur babies is actually them trying to teach us to be self-sufficient.

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When cats bring us gifts, it's actually them saying, "Learn to catch your food, like me."

Just because your cat doesn't love you in the way we want them to; doesn't mean he wants to kill you...or does he?

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If you'd like to read the article, you can find it here.

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