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This cat is known around the area of Gimmelwald, Switzerland for being a tour guide on the mountain hiking trails.

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Most admire the kitteh, and go on about their hike; however, this cat has been known to come to the rescue.  One hiker was on a trail that would he knew would lead him out of the mountain, but it was closed.  Feeling exhausted and a bit worried, this cat walked up to him and started meowing.  He gave it a little love and in return, it lead him to the path that would lead back to the village.

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The cat patiently waited for him, and took a leisurely pace so he didn't feel rushed. Others have claimed to seen this cat often on their hikes and everyone loves how friendly it is.

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The cat is thought to belong to a Swiss couple, Petra and Walt, who own a hostel in the mountain.

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We just hope this cat keeps being awesome and the hikers continue to be friendly to it. It's a rare occurrence to come across such a friendly feline in the wild.



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