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Even cats need to hide their identities sometimes, I don’t blame them for wearing masks, but hey, kitty, we know it’s you, try and disguise your tail as well next time.

“Not my best idea so furr.”

Oh my cat hoomin, you’ve lost what was left of your mind.

I can’t afurrd a mask so I made my own

Hoomin I think I is blinds

Oh no hoomin, what is you doin? STAAAHP

I’m batmeown.

We’re going to a costume purrty.

We’re going to a costume purrty.

Dis is my natural hair color, why u ask?

Dis ain’t a mask I’ve cat the flus.

Did u just fart hoomin?

Furr the 10th time, no I’m not a dog wearing a cat mask.

Cat mask Fails!!


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