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Fun socks are everything these days, it’s no longer about sneakers and high heels, all eyes are on socks now, so you better make sure to keep some nice pairs on your drawer, but not those old and boring styles, enough with that, throw them away ASAP! It doesn’t matter if you are a cat lover or not, cat socks look great on anyone and everyone, and MissMeowni has one of the largest collections of cat socks for cat lovers to suit all tastes and match all of your outfit styles.

Just imagine these beauties along with your favorite flats…


Lose yourself in rhythm!



                    Are you an angel or a little devil?                          

 Show that fierce side of yours








Yes! You read it right, socks and flats go together like Oreos and milk now, haven’t you heard? Fashion is changing and it’s time to get creative and show the world your wildest side with unique combinations.

Don’t be shy, socks were not made to be hidden away and just to keep your feet dry, they are a very important part of every women’s closet, say goodbye to wearing the same outfits day after day and looking like a photograph, socks are not expensive, you can buy a ton of them and spice things up a bit!

Look at this pair of classic black and white cat socks, gorgeous, uh? Now take a look at your closet and think of all the possible amazing fashion combinations you could create.

  These will look adorable with those shorts, a tee and your favorite sneakers, or why not? Put them on with that skirt you were thinking, the sky is the limit!


Be the most intelligent and elegant crazy cat lady at school

Socks have become a must-have fashion accessory and those times when they were only grey, black or white are over. Today you can find socks adorned with the most beautiful designs and colors, they’re not just a piece of clothing anymore, they’re pretty much like a jewel nowadays and they are made to help you upgrade that outfit and to turn you into the center of the right attention everywhere you go.


You’ll feel and look like a queen, girl!


Not today, haters!


There are millions of ways to incorporate those cat socks in your everyday outfits, you just need an open mind and being willing to try something new and fun; what once seemed like a good reason for the fashion police to put us in jail, is now only a crime if you don’t dare to wear it. Socks with sandals, why not? Socks with high heels will make you look so chic. Socks with low vamp shoes? Hell yeah!


Take the risk!



These beauties are ready for the heals!

MissMeowni is here to help you become the most elegant and fancy crazy cat lady in town, and our huge collection of cat socks is absolutely purrfect for all of you cat lovers reading this! Don’t let the rest of the world tell you how you’re supposed to look, be bold enough to walk to the mall or to go to that caturday night party showing your love for cats and fashion. Walk with the confidence of a super star in the company of your favorite furry friends!


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