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It’s not just about the 4th of July, cats can’t get tired of showing us how strong and independent they are, they just don’t need us… except for brief belly rubs.

“No belly rubs for me, this is a serious day.”



“Really hoomin? Don’t you have better things to do? You will pay for this!”


But hey, costumes are fun, look at this little guy having the time of his life in his statue of liberty suit. That happiness on his face…


“Are you kitten me, hoomin?”


Some cats really are living the American dream. Like a boss.


He’s trying to look all serious and patriot, but I bet he’s just thinking about dinner.


I dunno if Trump has what it takes to make Ameowica great again… but the two of us would be purrfect for that job.


Cat Lovers Cat apparels





But America is already great. It is full of cats, just look at this stud.  What else do you want?


Do it look pawsome or what?




Outfitz on point, I’m ready for the fireworks.


What is that sound? Make it stop, I’m furr-ious!


Why can’t we all just get along like these two?


Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light


"Vote for me-ow"


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    Love this site.

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