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Calling all crazy and stylish cat ladies of the world! Gather around your laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever device you’re using to read this, make a cup of tea or some coffee if it’s Monday morning and get comfy because we’re about to show you the most kittylicious catified accessories and fashion ideas for those days when you’re feeling extra feline!

From head to toes, there’s always something cat themed you can wear that will make you look and feel ameowsing!

Let’s start with the head, ready?

These Blue & Purple Cat Ears Hair Clips are E V E R Y T H I N G! The purrfect cat accessory to wear every day, with any outfit, wherever you’re going, whenever you want! Create a thousand hair styles and be the fanciest of the squad.



How crazy are you about cats? Are you crazy enough to become a cat? Well… at least just the ears. Take a look at this adorable Cat Headband and get it maybe? Winter is coming and you better keep your head warm, cozy and full of style.



Let’s keep going down, your head and hair are ready, now it’s time to give your neck what it deserves! We’ve talked a lot about cat jewelry, and, so what? We’ll never get tired of it!

We all carry our furry children with us in our hearts at all times, but with the Cat In My Heart Necklace you will literally carry Mr. Whiskers in your heart wherever you go while looking great!


But don’t worry if you’re not that much into bling bling, scarves are also a great to keep your neck classy, take a look at the Cats Clowder Scarf and imagine this beauty with your favorite tee and ripped jeans for a casual day out with your friends.



Feel like your feline outfit is missing something? Show those hands with pride, because a ring will always make you look fab, no matter what else you’re wearing, all the attention will go to the fingers furrst, especially if you have MissMeowni’s Silver Cat Ring, one of the classics of cat jewelry that will never go out of style!


Wait… stop the world because all the crazy cat mothers on Earth should take a look at this onesie and t-shirt for those little crazy cat babies! The Scream Cat Lady Baby Romper/Tee is the best way to start raising another one of us, welcome to the club!




Ok, we can continue… I think we have space for one more cat ring… or two, rejoice with the Cute Cubic Zirconia Cat Ears Silver Ring, we are obsessed with cat ears, haven’t you noticed?


And if you’re more a tail purrson, this Black Cubic Zirconia Ring is a must-have, let this four legged cutie wrap your finger around to make you look absolutely stunning!



Your upper body is ready to purr, and most people make the huge mistake of thinking feet were only made for walking and consequently forget to pimp them! Don’t be one of them, you’re only one cat accessory away from getting the whole package, check out these gorgeous cat anklets and put on your favorite skirt or short to show off those catified legs!

We all love it when our kitties show us their love in their own particular way by rubbing their fluffy selves against our legs, often leaving a messy trace of hairs, RIP dear black leggings; with the Cats Rubbing Around Me Anklet you’ll leave a trace of elegance and style every time you take a step.




I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but whatever floats your boat, dear cat lover, the sky is the limit when it comes to cats and fashion!




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