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“To purr or not to purr…”


“What if the red dot went to anofurr dimension?”


When you try to look clever but you’re only thinking about dinner…


“Can I grows a hair tree in my stomach if I swallows enough hairs?”

“What if mice have feelings too and I make them sufurr?”



When you can’t remempurr if you closed the door and turned off the oven.


When you’re about to take a catnap and suddenly remember you haven’t done your homework…


“Lemme put a black and white filter to look more infurresting.”


“Come here hoomin, lemme tell u about life.”

When the whole squad is out playing and your hoomin didn’t give u purrmission


“What is even life?”



“I is also a good boy, why does hoomin only say dat to the dawg?”


“What was I thinkings?”



When you realize you have feelings furr the dog…


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