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There have been those moments when you want your cat to come out and socialize and it just wants to run and hide.  

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People that don't understand cats think your cat must hate everyone and you're left spending 90% of the time you talk about Fluffy, trying to defend her behavior.  

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Cats have personalities, just like us... some are out going, some are shy and the latter is more common.  

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For starters, no you cannot change your cats personality.  However, just like shy people, cats can get more confident and can come out of their shells and with practice and can be more social.  

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They may never be a social butterfly, but maybe you can eliminate the running and hiding from guests for hours.

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Helpful videos like these are easy to find.

Jackson Galaxy has a famous TV show on Animal Planet called "My Cat from Hell"...you can watch him transform unwanted cat behavior and he posts lots of YouTube videos to help cat lovers give their cats a better life.

The easiest way to have an affectionate and social cat is to start with a kitten, but if that's not an option don't give up hope.

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Cats learn behavior very quickly and being an affectionate and kind owner will not go unnoticed for most cats, patience can go a long way.  You can also find a lot of helpful articles to help your cat become more cuddly.

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