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Every day cats are abandoned or bred on the streets.  While some cats enjoy being free-roam Tom cats, it's not for every cat and it's certainly not safe.

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Cats that are bred in the street tend to pick up their street smarts very quickly, but can still get infections and diseases that are easily preventable.  

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The saddest stories of all are the sweet cats that have been abandoned or their forever homes have been upset and they need replacements.

Sickly cats are especially hard to take in, but sick cats can find their way into you heart, and if you nurture them, you can be rewarded greatly.  

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Meet Otto, he's FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive and there is no cure.  This means that Otto can become sick easily and this tends to frighten people away from giving him a home. If an FIV cat is kept indoors and fed a well-balanced diet their chances of them staying healthy are high and they will only need two check-ups a year. Many people are uneducated that these cats can be healthy, loving pets and turn them away for fear of the medical expenses.

Loving people like Molly have taken in cats like Otto, but still need help finding him a forever home.  Many animal shelters will put down sickly animals because they don't have good chances of being adopted.

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Know there is always a way to contribute...While adoption is often the best way, if you're not in a position to help with that you can always rescue off the street, rehabilitate, and/or donate (time, money, or resources).

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So be on the look out to save a life today and everyday...because one day meant everything for this sweet kitten.

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Not all heroes have to wear a cape.

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