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Yay! The weekend is here, the weather is beautiful what more could you ask for?  Get out there and do some dancing to celebrate! 

mountain dew cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (giphy.com)

Sometimes you just need to rock out!

cat rocking out -MissMeowni.com

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Other times, a little laid back is more appropriate.

cats like to get down -MissMeowni.com

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I don't suggest dancing for food, but it works for this kitteh.

will dance for foodz -MissMeowni.com

Source (giphy.com)

Really hone those dancin' skillz.

two-step cat -MissMeowni.com

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Or just jump in and go with it.

cat does a little dance -MissMeowni.com

Source (ohmagif.com)

If you're a little shy, there's nothing wrong with just a little tail wagging.

shake that tail -MissMeowni.com

Source (giphy.com)

 Here are more dancing cats!


Or this strange video from Japan with a popular kid's song is another way to see dancing cats...


I can't leave you with that in your mind... So watch this human help this kitteh dance to my favorite song.



Whatever you decide to do have fun & cut loose!

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