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Here are 10 Exotic Cats that are perfectly legal to own, but before taking on any of these pets you should be prepared.

First off, the Serval Cat, aka Savannah Cat.

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This cat is a medium sized cat that is only interested in small animal prey.  They are often quiet and aloof and can tolerate other pets if raised in the same home.  These cats are prone to weight gain in a domesticated life, so they need owners to help them stay active. There is no danger from these animals, but if they escape the public ignorance and their unusual markings sometimes frighten people and can lead to someone harming the pet for fear of their safety.

Next up, one you may not expect...a Bobcat.

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Bobcats are one of the more frightening exotic pets to own.  While there is no record of a captive-bred Bobcat ever killing a human, we know they have the raw strength to do so.  These can also be the most rewarding exotic cat to own because how much they bond with their owners and how affectionate they are.  These moody cats will need their own retreat though, so if he's not feeling so affectionate he can have his space.

Third we have a Caracal cat.

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This cat gets pretty large, and can act like a traditional house cat.  Meaning they can be well-mannered and like to play, but on their terms.  These cats can be super destructive when playing, but they are adorable.

Next up we have the Canadian & Siberian Lynx.

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These exotic cats are similar to a Bobcat, but may not form as close of a bond with their owners; however, they are way less temperamental than a Bobcat.  These cats shed often because of their thick coats and they need a place where they can climb.

Next we have the very cute Ocelot.

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This cat is so cute, but they are harder to come by and are a much more rare find.  They are also harder to care for and aren't very social.

Up next is a Fishing Cat, there isn't much information on keeping this endangered cat as a pet.

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These cats love water and are fascinating to watch. :)

Next up, Geoffery's Cat.

Geoffery's cat for pet -MissMeowni.com

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This small exotic cat is being phased out of most zoos and need private ownership. Their demeanor is much like the ocelot in that they don't get much comfort from social interaction.  These cats like quiet and space.

Next there is the Jungle cat.

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This cat is also a rare find in domesticated houses.  Much like ocelots and Geoffery's cats, they like quiet and solitude...making them unpopular companions.

Last, we have Asian Leopard Cats.

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These cats are rare and near impossible to get without a permit, but they are out there. These cats need a lot of frequent interactions as they are naturally wary of people.

 The most common solution is to get a hybrid cat.

pet savannah cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (pethelpful.com)

These pets are more challenging than domesticated cats, but more low maintenance than exotic cats.  Their unusual looks and playful behavior make them very popular and fun. The key is to do the research first, every pet deserves a loving home that can fulfill all their needs.

 Here are a few more breeds you can check out, there are many hybrids that are much easier to acquire and care for.

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