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Here are some random funny gifs I've found during my blogging searches.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did :)
Cats can be the best of friends sometimes...
don't fall kitty -MissMeowni.com
Source (catgifpage.com)
Other times...not so much
get in the box cat -MissMeowni.com
Source (4gifs.com)
This liquid cat gets a helping paw from his friends to master his technique.
cats are liquid -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
This cat lets its owner know that his feet smell.
cat smells the stink -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
This cat wants you to know, there is something in that box.
there's something in the box -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
Ooops, that's not a table.
that's not a table -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
This cat doesn't trust his owner, as he backs away to a safe place.
dancing cat shakes it -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
This cat jump scaring a bird is simply a-mew-sing.
cat scares bird -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
Or this kitteh who just wants a turn to play ping-pong.
cat just wants to play -MissMeowni.com
Source (poopycat.com)
And last, my favorite kitteh gif of them all...this kitteh just wants some snuggles.
cat just wants hugs -MissMeowni.com
Source (catgifpage.com)

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