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Crazy cat ladies and gentlemen, please take a sit, grab a bucket of popcorn and sit Mr. Whiskers on your lap, because you’re about to witness some of the most spectacular cat themed houses and rooms, and if you pay close attention, you might learn one or two things to do your own cat themed decoration and set a new and fierce atmosphere on your walls, floors and on pretty much anything you want to catify!

 Do you really think you’re the craziest cat lover of them all? Well, think twice and take a look at this unreal borderline insane house in Arizona. The term “cat-themed” is not enough to describe this place! There’s only like a square inch of the whole place that isn’t covered in cat-themed merchandise.


Purrhaps that was too much, we don’t want you to go that far, but did you see those cat rugs on the floor? That’s a good place to start if you want to give your home some fluffiness, take a look at the Kitty Cat Mat by MissMeowni.

Cute, huh? You can put it in your bedroom and even in your living room, combine the two available colors of this cat doormat on your favorite corner, and watch your step! You won’t want to ruin those gorgeous faces with the dirt on your shoes!


Move on to the next room! Your floors are ready, but what about those boring walls? Who says you have to be a child to paint your walls with bright colors and decorate them with some fun stuff? If you don’t have kids, this can be a great idea for your own bedroom, kitties will help you have the fluffiest dreams!

There are three key things in this idea: Luminous paint, cat wall stickers and imagination! But stickers are not only for walls, you can put your favorite cat decals on everything you want: light switches, your bed, your laptop, and even on your car! You just have to get creative. Take a look at some of the most amazing stickers you’ll find to give a new life to your house!


The Cats Birds Living Together Sticker is the purrfect addition to bright up that plain white wall.

We meant it when we said you could put your stickers on anything…


And speaking of Luminous things…


Ok, turn on those lights because you’re about to see something spectacular… Ready? Who’s a fan of couches?

This magnificent cat-shaped couch must be the dream of every crazy cat person, but if you don’t have that much space in your living room, a cat cushion is the purrfect fit for you! Dress up your pillows with the most amazing cat cushion covers and put them on your regular size sofa or bed which does not have the shape of an adorable kitty taking a nap but it’s still pretty nice, in a hoomin kind of way.

Hang paintings, get a cat shaped lamp, catify your mugs, spend the holidays doing your own cat-themed stuff, get a whole family of kitty cats, do whatever feels right! It’s time to let your guests know you’re a proud cat lover and that you’re not afraid to show it!



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