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Today's decorative style is so diverse that it allows you to experiment with millions of ideas that easily adapt to existing spaces in your home. For this reason, one of the novelties in interior decoration is the use of decorative stickers, have you seen them?


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Many times when we enter our home or office, we feel that we need a special touch in the environment that allows us to be more comfortable. An alternative to decorate with style are stickers, an element that has become a trend to decorate spaces in a simple, modern way and without investing a lot of money.

Its original designs and colors allow the user to recreate modern environments that can also be easily modified if you want to give another aspect to your rooms after a certain time. Landscapes, stars, animations and hundreds of figures are some of the environments that can be achieved with decorative stickers; and don’t think we have forgotten about the feline universe, one of the all-time favorites when it comes to decorative stickers are cat decals, an easy way to fill our house with kitty love and fun. 

Cat stickers give a feeling of relaxation and helps us feel like we always have the best company, while providing a beautiful atmosphere in every corner where they are used. This trend has spread strongly in recent years and has already gained ground. It is much more practical and easy to combine with the styles of any room in the house, as they can be attached to the surface of a wall, door or any piece of furniture.

The application of stickers is not a difficult task, they work like a notebook decal and when removed from the wall, they don’t damage the paint, and as long as the surface is flat and has no porosity, the vinyl will adhere without any problems, just like this kitty seems to have adhered to this vinyl disc (totally unrelated, we know, but we wanted you to see this cutie)

These decorative elements allow the spaces of the house to show the personality of those who inhabit it. It is a very original way to vary the decoration and transform a simple, single-colored wall into a mural with messages and style, and if you are a cat lover, we are sure you’d love to show your feline pride with a couple cat wall stickers all around your house!

Stickers are an easy to use choice for interior decoration, they are used for revitalizing spaces, for remodeling and transforming surfaces of cabinets for bathrooms, kitchens, shelves, doors and, in general, for all types of home, office or commercial furniture.

They can be placed in any area of the home, as they are made in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, sizes and colors that allow you to choose the one that suits you best, according to your tastes and needs, they will harmonize perfectly with any furniture, offering that distinctive and aesthetic touch that your spaces are asking for. Areas such as the living room, bathroom, stairwell breaks, floors, ceilings and even some of the furniture can be dressed with these stickers that revive the rooms and give an additional artistic air.  

Another idea is to decorate household appliances such as refrigerators with your favorite cat decals. Instead of having all those magnets stuck, you'd make it look great with a picture of a cute furry ball to add a fun touch to your kitchen.

Decorative adhesives not only give a new life to spaces, they also allow children to decorate their furniture and have fun while doing it. Anyone can acquire these decorative elements and you only need to let your imagination run wild and dare to add your personality to your home. This decoration will make your home speak for itself and tell a little about your story and PURRsonality.





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