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We have used rings for centuries. Its history began in the Holy Scriptures and the Koran. In ancient Russia, people used them as amulets against the forces of evil. In ancient India, women wore a mirror ring, so that when they woke up they could see their face. But in ancient Egypt, rings were only worn by men. Now, let me ask you something, what is your relationship with rings? Because in this post, MissMeowni wants to show you the rings that will be hot this 2018.

Rings have always been used as a piece of symbolic jewelry that represents promises or commitments, but it is time to unlink them from these meanings and welcome them to the world of modern fashion, innovation and creativity when combining these accessories to give them the prominence they deserve.

 Nowadays, there is absolute freedom in the use of rings. Fingers are filling with chains, cat rings, articulated rings and original combinations that reflect a rebellious and sophisticated look. The possibilities are endless!

There are rings for all types of hands, for all PURRsonalities and for every occasion, and today we want to share with our crazy cat ladies some tips to take cat rings and other jewelry trends to another level this 2018! 

Let’s start with nature, flower rings are part of the popular trends for 2018. We all love flowers, as they can be used at any time. The golden tones are perfect for the fall and the larger models can be worn during the winter, above the gloves.


Source: tendenciasjoyeria.com 

Naturally, during spring and summer, the more elegant your ring, the better. But the essence is still the same. Flowers will be relevant in each season.


Source: www.trinketsinbloom.com

Let’s take a peek at “architectural rings”, where materials and stones are delicately worked to create figures that remind us of architectonic designs, these are ideal for unique women with a creative and eclectic.


Source: Pinterest

Cat rings and other animal designs are hot in 2018!

Rings with animal designs are very fashionable these days, and today we want to emphasize our favorites: cat rings! With minimalist and elegant designs, kitty rings are perfect for any occasion if we want to take our favorite hairy wherever we go and wear it with style!


Silver cat rings are everything these days, they look amazing for the office, for school or for a CATurday night party, they are easy to match with your favorite outfits.

Articulated rings are rings that cover the whole finger and that result from the union of several rings, they are one of the main novelties among the latest trends in rings. The ideal shades are gold or silver to make your hands get all the attention.


Source: Pinterest

Small golden rings with white or beige stones will be an excellent addition and will successfully complement the office look. And this is a wonderful trend, because it always comes year after year and is absolutely universal and they can be found with several shapes and styles, including… guess what? Exactly what you were thinking: Golden cat rings!

Rings with messages or words will still be present this season. These are ideal for tender and loving personalities, although they are also used by the rock and roll divas!


Source: Pinterest

The knuckle ring, which connects four fingers, comes in more shapes than you thought. This type of ring can be uncomfortable, but it's great for those who want to look unique and classy!


Source: Pinterest

Mid-finger rings have become the favorite of celebrities and fashion lovers. They are worn on the first two phalanges and usually maintain a minimalist shape.


Source: Pinterest 

Following fashion doesn't mean shopping every season. You can search your jewelry box for a forgotten ring that you've stopped wearing for a few years and try to give it your personal touch and style, and you can turn something vintage into a trendy piece!





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