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Let's face it, 99.999% of cat owners are totally obsessed with them…

…from that discreet cat lover who occasionally wears a cat ring, or those slightly more obsessed that wear cat T-shirts and cat scarves, to the crazy cat ladies and gentlemen who take their obsession to another level with cat stickers on the walls of their homes and even on their fridge!

Still don't know if you're obsessed with your cat? If you can relate to three or more of the following signs, surprise! You have an obsession with your cat! Welcome to the club!

Source: tracigardner.com

1. You see your cat as a child and you treat them as one.

2. Mr. Mittens always has the best cat toys.

3. You have at least one piece of cat jewelry (the most popular among fashion crazy cat ladies are cat necklaces, cat earrings and cat bracelets).

4. You get upset when someone refers to your cat as "it".

5. When you don't decide between going out with your friends or staying home with your cat, your cat usually wins.

6. You tried to dress your cat in a suit and they probably scratched you in the process.

7. On Halloween you always dress up as a cat, as catwoman or at least wear a cat mask.

8. You keep plastic bags and boxes, not because you're eco-conscious, but because you know your cat will love playing with them.

9. Most of your Instragram or Facebook photos include your kitten (obviously your phone is 98% Mr. Whiskers photos).

Source: bustle.com

10. You buy cat stickers to decorate your house and absolutely all your belongings, you put cat decals on your laptop, on your mugs, on your car... The only thing that doesn't have cat stickers is your cat.

11. You spend more time wondering what your cat thinks about than what the boy or girl you like thinks about.

12. You've considered breaking up with your partner, because he doesn't get along with your cat.

13. If your cat is sitting or lying anywhere, YOU DON’T MOVE THEM!

14. You created a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile for Marie Kitty.

Source: thatsnonsense.com

16. Finally, you no longer care about being a crazy cat lady or gentleman, you actually like it and you feel proud!

Source: onlinememegenerator.com


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