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To keep your home up to date for very little time and money we are going to see the latest trends in modern cushion decoration, what styles, designs and patterns will triumph this year? We'll tell you about it right away!

Although cushions are like the Cinderella of interior design, because they always end up in a corner full of dust, their role can be absolutely important when it comes to home décor. We all know that simple cushions can radically change the style of a bed or sofa in an economical way and make it modern and contemporary in a heartbeat... If you can't imagine your sofa or bed without a million cushions that give them color and that extra personality and if you are one of those crazy cat ladies that always want to see kittens everywhere around the house, then this article is PURRfect for you, sit comfy and take notes!

Cat cushions and other animal print pillows

The passion for nature has come to our cushions. Cat cushions are a real invasion of fashion and design, but our feline friends are not alone, there are hundreds and thousands of different designs with various animals ready to decorate our couches, beds and any corner of the house. Pets or wild animals that direct their pure and wild gaze at us from printed photos and cool illustrations - will you make room for them at home?


Source: https://moovemag.com

There are for all tastes: dolphins, wolves, horses, fawns... the list would be very long. This year don't resist and let them take a place of honor in your living room or bedroom, you won't regret it! This type of cushion fits perfectly in the Nordic and natural styles. And they are also very much in line with the tendency to recover natural and primeval elements or even in more industrial environments.  Black and white or neutral, natural tones will be a sure bet. Have you decided yet?


Source: https://myworlddecor.com/

This savage invasion reaches every corner of the house. We have also seen them in all sorts of shapes and bright colors. Or in their funniest and most youthful aspect, cats cushions have replaced teddy bears and the little ones in the house are now eager to crush their favorite pillow every night while they share the bed with their favorite pet.

And if you like all styles and can't choose only one... then don't do it, mix them up! A decoration with cushions of different colors and designs is ideal for children's and young people's rooms or to give your sofa a more casual look. Rooms full of cat love, decorated with a whole jungle of adorable creatures, will turn your spaces into magical places, and the best thing of all is that you don’t even have to buy new ones, you can renew your old pillows with an amazing cat cushion cover and change it as many times as you wish to!


Additional tips for decorating with cat cushions

Look for non-toxic, non-allergenic and greener foam fillers.

Try distributing them in odd and even numbers, depending on the size of your sofa, armchair or bed width.

Cute cat cushions enrich the visual of any space. Don't be afraid to innovate with vivid colors and unusual patterns or designs.

If you have a favorite series of cushions and want to give it new life, remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money getting new pillows, you can always re-cover them with PAWsome cat cushion covers, with geometric covers and a thousand other designs, materials and textures depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve.


Source: https://myworlddecor.com


Square, oval or rectangular, filled with colors or black and white, with cats, wolves or other designs, cushions create contrasts in both interior and exterior areas. This year, graphic prints take all the attention and are ideal for adding color and texture to spaces, so what are you waiting for? Start decorating like a pro!




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