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There are many ways that your feline companion may be trying to express themselves, they are speaking to you...but can you understand them?

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For starters, when your cat is purring that can mean just about anything.  Usually purring means they're happy or content and comfortable, but it may mean they're stressed, scared, or sick so be prepared to look for other indicators of how they're feeling.  

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If your cat is purring to other cats, that means they want to play.

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Kneading, or making biscuits, is the perfect way for your cat to tell you that they're happy and comfortable.  

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This is a reflex that kittens learn when they nurse from their mother and it usually sticks throughout their lifetime when they're expressing comfort.

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Sometimes curious cats knock things over, and sometimes they do it because they know you'll come running.  

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If your cat is waiting expectantly when you come to search for whatever they knocked over, he's wanting some attention.

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When your cat is stealing things from you (ex. my cat loves to get into my underwear drawer and take off with a pair occasionally) it can mean one of two things.  

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Either they want what they can't have or they want your attention.

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If it fits, I sit.

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We all love looking at cats in tiny spaces, but what does it mean when they curl up into a small space?  Cats like to curl up to protect their vital organs, but that sense of protection also makes them super comfortable.

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Cats rolling over to expose their belly is a sign of submission, meaning finally, they get it...we are in charge.   Some cats have used the belly trap to lure masters in for an attack, but usually they just show their belly to say you're the boss.  

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It doesn't necessarily mean they want you to pet it, they may just want you to look and acknowledge their submission.

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And some cats love belly rubs.

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Your cat has been rubbing up against you all day, why?

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Your cat has been marking his territory, you belong to him...and he wants every other man, woman, child, and animal to know it.

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If your cat is sniffing you, they're just re-establishing trust.  

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They can sense if you've been stressed and sometimes they need to sniff a little more because they may be stressed.  Whatever is making them sniff you a little more, just let them...it's building trust in your partnership.

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Last but not least the actual sounds that let you feel like your cat is actually talking to you. 

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Short meowing sounds is usually just your cat talking, saying hello or talking to you; give her some attention and let her know you're listening to her.

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Long whiny meows are usually your cat indicating a problem.  If your cat is what I like to refer to as 'yelling' at you, then they probably want food or to go outside.

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Hopefully now you know that your cat can talk to you and this time, you're ready to listen.

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