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Cat lovers Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman are dedicated to making cat exercise furniture. As part of their job, they needed to get kittens to test their inventions. The couple went to the nearest shelter and met the gigantic and gentle Bronson cat (30 pounds!)

Source: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/

Wilson and Hanneman adopted him immediately and began the hard work of getting him in shape.

Bronson and nearly 60% of domestic cats are obese and as adorable as they are, their bodies may be suffering.

Cat obesity is linked to diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and skin conditions. In addition, overweight animals may suffer from arthritis due to the extra effort their joints put in to support them.

The average domestic cat weighs between 8 and 12 pounds, but this varies depending on breed and sex. In a normal-weight cat, you can feel their ribs slightly when you touch the side of their body, while in an overweight cat, you only feel meat.

In addition to the lack of exercise, cats are affected by the poor diet to which they are subjected by their owners. Cats are usually carnivores, so they eat a lot of protein and few carbohydrates. However, commercial food has a higher carbohydrate content, which unbalances their body.

Allowing the cat to have permanent access to food can cause the animal to overeat.  Dear cat lover, sharing food with your pet is also inadvisable, as not only do we give them extra calories, but it may also make their pancreas and intestines sick! Even the old myth of giving them milk can work against them, as most ADULT cats are intolerant to it, so it can cause them a serious problem.

While many cat lovers may believe that simply putting our cats on a diet is enough to combat this overweight, the reality is more complicated. Obese cats must lose pounds slowly, or they could have fatal liver damage.

Luckily, Bronson is in expert hands. His owners have adapted his diet to consume only 375 calories a day in healthy foods. Although he still can't walk down the stairs or jump, Bronson exercises by playing and walking daily!

Source: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net


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