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Did you really think only hoomins wore diamond earrings and necklaces?


I wanted a hoomin shaped necklace… dis is the closest I found.


Do I look like I will eat dat cheap food hoomin?


Mo’ money mo’ catnip


Do I look like dis diamonds are big enough furr me?


Sup hoomin!


I’m a flawless purrincess.


Why does this cat look better than me and everyone I know?


Is dis made of my own hair? Is dis jewelry? I guess we’ll never meow.


Dis goes purrfect with my skin tone.


I want to be this cat in my next life.


  • Posted On September 13, 2017 by Linda Lowe

    I love cat’s w/Hooman jewelry. My cat Annie was a beautiful black cat that loved jewelry. Her collar for the longest time was a costume bracelet w/emeralds, rubies & sapphires. She wouldn’t let us put anything away until she got something! She did make that bracelet look fabulous!

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