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June 1 – 30, celebrate summer with a new best friend! 

June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. There are more cats in need for a home than ever before. "Be prepared" when are bringing a your new feline friend home. Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings specially when its new. They take time to adapt. Some may hide under a bed or in a closet for days or even weeks.

You can make your new critter's life easier by following these guidelines:

Before You Bring Your Cat Home:


Cats a territorial and its a uneasy feeling for them when they enter a new household. It becomes extremely important for you to provide them an easy to stay place of their own - bathroom, or laundry place. Provide all the amenities needed by your cat - food, water, litter box and a few cat-toys. Make sure that the place setup for them is easily accessible and comfortable for you too as you would like to spend time with your new friend to make them acquianted with you.

Litter Box:

Fill a litter box with adequate amount of litter (1-2inches) and place it in her room where she can use it undisturbed. Like you, your cat too deserves a modicum of privacy when pottying. This would help them accept the litterbox easily.


Cats love food like we hoomins do, so set up a feeding platform with food and water bowls. Make sure your feeding platform is away from the litter box - will you like to eat where ou potty? Cats are one of the most clean pets.


Bed is to be your friend's safe haven. If your cat came in a cat carrier, you may use it by cutting an door at the end of the box. You may even buy cat house from the market. Make sure whatever you choose has good enough space and height so that your cat may stand in there without any problem. Keeping a window opened in the box such that the window sees your entry door is a good choice, this avoids startling your cat.

Cat Claws:

Cats grow their claws fast and they need to keep scratching to worn them off. If you do not provide your cat with a corrugated cardboard, or a cat-post to scratch your furniture is going to be the sufferer. Its suggested to buy a cat-post and sprinkle it with catnip or attach a cat toy at its end to keep them interested. Avoiding this important tip might leave your furtniture "catified".

Flying Displays:

Cats are great climbers and they can climb and reach to places which you thought are untouchable. Your thoughts are going to be challenged, your cat is going to reach out to the remotest high places and in case you have some displays put their, they are going to be trained how to fly by your kitty. So better remove such displays until your cat adopts to your home and understands what flies and what does not.


Looks for the holes or registers which leave ductwork open. Make sure to close them else you will be calling the firemen to rescue your new love. Cats will slide through anything, specially if it looks interesting (note, for cats everything is interesting).

First Day Home:

Now once you are ready to get your new friend home, make sure that you set some ground rules with the other members of your family. The cat is going to be very excited and afraid at the same time. Best way is to get her in the cat carrier. Make sure that the family members do not run in or startle the newest addition to the family. They should not force her to come to them, it should be your kitty's choice to come. So ask the hoomins in the family to sit back and gently ask the kitty to come to them. If she finds it easy, she would come herself.

New place, new people might leave your pet scared and she might avoid eating and drinking. It is suggested to offer her same food as it was being offered at the shelter. It would make her feel at home and relaxed. If your cat does not eat for few days, make sure to call your vet for advice.

Following Weeks:

Within a week of adoption, take your pet to the veterinarian for her wellness checkup. Check for immunization record with the shelter and make sure your cat is immunized in time.

Now your cat should have adopted to her new place and she might start to expand her territory. Ask everyone in your family not to startle her. Let her explore and play. Get some cat toys for her. Keep her interested and exploring. Once she sets in, your family is going to have gala time.

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