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I love cats, and one of my all-time favorite activity is to press ‘explore’ on my Instagram. This unleashes legions of cat pictures and videos onto my phone, displaying all manners of cats engaged in a purrfect cornucopia of feline behaviors.

I find it completely captivating just like jewelry designers across the world who have taken inspiration from these graceful, complex creatures. Ring jewelry with cats playing on the fingers, delicate necklaces with cats climbing all over, frolicking on the bracelets and snoozing on anklets or staring back from your watch face, we love them all.

Here are some of our favorites at MissMeowni -

Hanging Cats Necklaces and Earrings

Cats are quite adept at hanging from various places, their sharp claws, and amazing reflexes always coming to their aid. Have a look at these cat-inspired necklaces and earrings that capture this delightful action. Their graceful motions make for absolutely delightful cat necklaces.  

Wiggling Tail Cat Hairclips and Watches

Wiggling Cat Tail inspires many pieces of jewelry. As they say, the tail of the cat has its own tales to tell – tremendously communicative with every twitch and wriggle representing a different mood. You will find this cute kitty with its emotive tail featured in nearly all pieces of cat jewelry like necklaces, rings, hairclips or watches.

Cat Wrap Rings and Necklaces

You know that your cat has finally accepted you in her family when she wraps herself around you. To recreate that sweet moment, we have designed a cat wrap series with some unique cat wrap necklaces, rings, and bracelets. It is a constant reminder of how your cat has you wrapped around her finger... oops sorry, her paw. 

Keen Cat Jewelry

Tail high, back arched, ears erect - this famous pose denotes the cat curiously but cautiously assessing it’s surrounding, and is the one most often found in jewelry. You might have seen it on watch faces, bracelets, rings or even cat necklaces. Enter the party and channelize your inner cat with this eye-catching keen cat design.

Affectionate Cat Necklace and Bracelet

The first sign of acceptance is when your kitty purrs rubbing itself against you. Guess what, we have created an entire line of jewelry just to make sure you always have a sweet reminder of that feeling.

While our favorite is an anklet, it can also be seen as a purring cat necklace, bracelet, and even on a watch face. This necklace with cats all over not only ups your style quotient but works as a great conversation opener.


The list is endless, but we have made an honest attempt to curate our favorites. Do comment and let us know which moods would you like featured on your cat-inspired jewelry.


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